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Intercompany Sports Day

Intercompany Sports Day

By Candice Major

On the 4th of September 2022, we had our netball and football tournament for charity, at Johannesburg Zoo Lake Sports Club. It was the first time that the ladies’ team participated in this tournament.


Both soccer and netball teams practiced beforehand, and I felt we had this, especially the girls. However, nothing could have prepared us for the level of skill that showed up from the other companies, for both soccer and netball. We gave it our all and got better and stronger with every match that we played.

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A few changes made the world difference, and we ended up drawing our final netball match. It was physically taxing but would definitely be something that we participate in again. It was a team-building exercise and most importantly it was for a worthy cause.


Thank you to everyone who participated, supported and helped plan this worthy activity.

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