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Mandela Day 2022

Mandela Day 2022

By Lynn van den Berg

Mandela Day One

If Nelson Mandela left one legacy behind, it would be that of charity, in other words; giving, whether it be your time, resources, knowledge, even a smile.

Mandela Day Two

Given this fundamental information, it would only be fitting that on the 18 July 2022, on Mandela Day, some of the staff of RSE went out and for 67 minutes became selfless and gave of their service to the community of Alexandra that has been under severe pressure as of late due to the high rate of crime and poor living conditions.

Mandela Day Three

Food and clothing were distributed to those who heard the call and they came in their numbers. The joy on the faces of the people who came were priceless, to know that we as a South African nation have not forgotten the legacy that Nelson Mandela left behind.

Mandela Day Four

Mandela Day is not just 67 minutes on the 18th of July, it is an everyday act of selfless generosity, of giving.

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