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Trotec presents new brand identity

Trotec Presents New Brand Identity

By Clive Heydenrych

A brand-new look shows that the innovation leader is ready for the future.
Wels, 11/05/2020 Trotec Laser, the Upper Austrian laser machine manufacturer, presents a new corporate design. The change also includes its logo. All the company’s communication channels, online presence, advertising materials and printed matter have acquired new glamor.


The new image underscores technological leadership “All our visual presentation supports the communication of our core values, of our identity. For Trotec, this means specifically that our logo highlights our activities as innovation leader,” explains Dr. Andreas Penz, Managing Director of Trotec Laser GmbH. He developed and built the first-ever Trotec laser himself and has been involved in the branding process for almost 25 years. The laser manufacturer is in the midst of digital change and is actively driving this change within the company. So it was only logical to make these changes visible to the outside world. “Our products are becoming “all-digital”. The team is currently working intensively on a new generation of software for our laser machines. Our external communications now reflect a new corporate image as well”, says Penz as he outlines the company’s strategy and the significance of digitization as one of its three new core values.


“Setting New Standards” with some deliberate fine-tuning The new identity, which can be likened to ‘background music’ accompanying a common way of thinking, applies some careful fine-tuning of the most important elements. “Setting New Standards” – which has long been the claim of the Trotec brand – still defines its purpose and corporate identity, and it continues to be the international team’s top priority at the headquarters in Wels. Across all channels, this claim also remains visible as a typographic feature. It is accompanied by a laser fragment, which lends structure. Clear, precise, powerful. The letter “E” in the Trotec logo now looks up-to-minute and illustrates the precision and speed of a laser. At the same time, it ensures even better legibility. Trotec’s world of colors remains elegant. Using plenty of white, the targeted use of the red color logo, enhanced by a blue tone, makes the palette clear and concise. Trotec’s red is used to differentiate, activate and emotionalize the brand. The red laser head stands for well -designed engineering performance and maximum customer benefit.

The typography has also changed. The new Source Sans Pro Light font was chosen to achieve
optimum readability and functionality across all media.


Central brand values: Innovation, partnership with the customer, digitization “If I had to use one word to name the Trotec brand, it would be innovation. That’s what we’re working on every day”, says Dr. Andreas Penz. In the coming years, our laser specialists will focus
even more on three core values. Innovation, digitization, and partnership with customers are the pillars of their strategy. Implementing the mission to develop first-class laser systems that make customers more profitable drives the team’s actions. Trotec’s new visual image reflects our
strong partnership with customers at first glance – we accompany them in their business development.


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